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From time to time we will add links that may be of interest to our readers and professional colleagues. You may recognise that we are highlighting links to competitive products....and we are; there is no one solution in the marketplace that can provide a total solution or total view of data. Many investigation and intelligence units make use of differing technologies to analyse data from different aspects to ensure a range of data views that bring about a concordance of opinion and result.

Links of Interest

  • Freshwater Resourcing
    If you are looking for a personable, ethical and professional personnel recruitment firm in Queensland Australia, look no further than Freshwater Resourcing and talk to the proprietor Mr. Peter Bartlett
  • Australian Special Information Systems
    The company provides software business tools and associated professional services designed to support investigations, compliance audits and incident case management. It specialises in the design and development of 'semi-customised' Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) investigative case management software solutions primarily used by Government, Defence, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Security, Insurance, Banking, Finance and Maritime organisations and agencies - both domestically and internationally.
  • MindFusion
    MindFusion is one of the most popular providers for charting software components. Apart of that, the company develops and sells successfully 'end - user' software and even offers freeware programs. Each day MindFusion wins more and more new clients thanks to the high quality of its products and exclusively good customer support.
  • Anacapa Sciences, Inc
    Since its formation in 1969, the company has completed research and development projects for over 200 different government agencies, academic institutions, and industrial organizations. Since 1971, the company has developed techniques for and conducted specialized training in intelligence analysis for more than 1,500 different law enforcement, business and military organizations throughout the world.
  • Visual Analysis
    Visual Analysis are proud to be the sole authorised distributor for a range of best of breed products including the i2 suite of intelligence database and visualisation software, role Investigation and Case Management Systems, Saffron Analyst, as well as Anacapa Sciences Intelligence Training solutions for Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Visual Analysis staff are a dynamic team of intelligence professionals with proven industry experience in law enforcement, compliance, defence and the private sector. Our staff are always ready to assist you to maximize the value of your investment in i2 intelligence solutions, intelligence requirements and training or our own custom built solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of intelligence and investigative practitioners.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Link Analysis: Papers from the AAAI Fall Symposium
    Computer-based link analysis is increasingly used in law enforcement investigations, insurance fraud detection, telecommunications network analysis, pharmaceuticals research, epidemiology, and a host of other specialized applications. Link analysis explores associations among large numbers of objects of different types. For example, a law enforcement application might examine familial relationships among suspects and victims, the addresses at which those persons reside, and the telephone numbers that they called during a specified period. The ability of link analysis to represent relationships and associations among objects of different types has proven crucial in assisting human investigators to comprehend complex webs of evidence and draw conclusions that are not apparent from any single piece of information. However, there is both a need and opportunity to apply new technologies. Much of the current software for link analysis is little more than a graphical display tool. While visualizing networks has proven useful, some advanced applications of link analysis involve tens of thousands of objects and links as well as a rich array of possible data models. Manual construction and analysis of such networks has proven difficult. In addition, a large number of related techniques in artificial intelligence and several other fields have the potential to assist human reasoning about complex networks of relationships. These techniques draw on work from search, semantic networks, ontological engineering, autonomous agents, inductive logic programming, graph theory, social network analysis, knowledge discovery in databases, entity-relationship modelling, information extraction, information retrieval, and metaphor. see http://www.aaai.org/Press/Reports/Symposia/Fall/fs-98-01.php
  • Papers of Interest
    When identified we will post links to papers of interest:
    A Link and Group Analysis Toolkit (LGAT) for Intelligence Analysis https://analysis.mitre.org/proceedings/Final_Papers_Files/348_Camera_Ready_Paper.pdf
    Threat Detection for Improved Link Discovery https://analysis.mitre.org/proceedings/Final_Papers_Files/333_Camera_Ready_Paper.pdf
    Intelligence Analyst Toolbox http://it.ojp.gov/documents/analyst_toolbox.pdf
  • File Indexers/Searchers and Entity Extraction
    For those who collect large amounts of data in electronic form, there are inexpensive tools available in the market that can assist you to index and search those files by the use of selected keywords.
    Copernic http://www.copernic.com/
    dtSearch http://www.dtsearch.com/
    ISYS http://www.isys-search.com/
    .... and many more, see http://www.searchtools.com/tools/tools.html
    .... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Named_entity_recognition

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