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The Intelligence Lifecycle

We do not propose to provide lessons nor guidance on how to gather or analyse intelligence. This is a field of endeavour covered by many experts and organisations. Groups such as Anacapa Sciences, Inc can provide training for those seeking an understanding of the topic. Needless to say the art of intelligence gathering and analysis requires a methodology or basic process structure to work through. We believe that our tools will be adaptable and useable within any methodology or process. Starting with the Decision Maker(s) the process follows a clockwise path on the graphic below until analysed information is disseminated to the intended recipients or decision makers.
The Intelligence Cycle

1. Decision Makers

Responsible for initiating the Project and provide the Planning and Direction guidance; the resultant research will be disseminated to this group.

2. Planning and Direction

The direction an intelligence analysis study takes depends on certain factors being identified and defined:
- Define information required for the project
- Identify project information type
- Identify essential elements of project information
- Identify other information requirement

3. Information Services and Processing

Once documentation and other information has been obtained, it must be managed in a manner so as to allow maximum user benefit and investigative support, whilst maintaining both security and integrity of the information details. This includes:
- Control and monitoring of the information
- Evaluation
- System input
- Database Security
- Registry function

4. Intelligence Collection and Reporting

The collection function is directed towards ensuring that the organisation adopts a systematic approach in identifying and collecting the information it requires, this involves;

- Identify information requirements
- Examine potential sources and constraints
- Negotiate access to information
- Establish formal collection plan

5. Analysis and Production

Analysis is carried out by a unit resource by subject matter specialist. Analysis supports projects and is a process of:
- Collation
- Re-evaluation
- Specific Analysis
- Data Description and Integration
- Inference Development
- Vulnerability Assessment

6. Dissemination

Intelligence is the final product (the output) of the analysis cycle. Reports compiled and submitted are the substance of the process itself. Dissemination is conducted in two ways:
- Oral Briefings (presentations)
- Written (computer generated) Reports

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