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The proprietor Douglas Livingstone has a long history in the IT&C industry who began Fortran IV programming way back in 1971 then progressed through many programming languages as a Senior Systems Programmer on IBM mainframes and has worked in IBM's R&D Software Development Centre in Perth Australia and later for Fujitsu Australia Limited, System Engineering Research Centre (SERC) as a concept designer in Canberra Australia. Eventually progress led to using OO languages such as VB.NET on PC and Server platforms which our products are based on.

Through the years Doug has worked in many environments and roles as a senior manager; consultant; project manager; business analyst; software designer and developer. Some of these roles included the setting up of intelligent systems to assist fraud investigation units to analyse large amounts of data and identify anomalies for investigation.

Technologies that employed visual analysis and link analysis technologies to represent data are at the forefront of investigation and intelligence assessments of data. Our products aim to bring this sophistication to a wider market for researchers of information in any field of endeavour and to social networkers building repositories of personal and public information.

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August 2008.
Our business begins

Please return at regular intervals and see how we are performing.


Visualise Systems
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