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Hundreds, thousands, millions of computer based data records can often be viewed with greater clarity in statistical charts or diagrammatic form. Our Software offers a different approach to provide solutions for people and businesses to represent their data in a visible form, using icons to represent the information items with descriptive links between the items.

Imagine drawing your data and relationships; imagine following the links between your items of information, possibly to see relationships never considered before; imagine clicking on a diagram shape and have a document open, or jump to a web site or create an email; you can with our software.

In the years to come we will offer some new small business applications containing this technology. We are also looking at offering a stand-alone diagrammatic tool to visualise your existing data through simple templates and import utilities.

Link Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Profiling ?

There are many terms used by information analyst, intelligence analyst, investigators and researchers on how information is collected and assessed. In essence they all have the same objective to highlight patterns of information relationships that may not have been recognised by the sterile reading of textual data, usually presented in tabular form within printed reports.

A search of the internet using the keywords 'link analysis intelligence' or 'link analysis criminal' will provide volumes of reading material on the topic. Review our "Links of Interest" page which provides a few links on this topic.

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